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Artificial nutritional corn rice making machine production line

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Product Introduction

Nutritional 150kg/h artificial rice making extruder machine production line
The new type of instant rice equipment is the latest generation of all stainless steel equipment that we have continuously improved and improved based on years of production practice. It does not require external heating and adopts friction shear type self ripening technology. The screw and barrel are relatively short, making the material stay in the machine for a short time, with little impact on product color and taste.
Product Name
Artificial rice making machine
Final products
Artificial rice


Nutritional 150kg/h artificial rice making extruder machine production line

The new generation of all stainless steel high-efficiency energy-saving decentralized processing equipment for corn and miscellaneous grain instant rice and corn and miscellaneous grain noodles adopts two-stage extrusion technology, and the A-level adopts friction shear technology to make the peeled and defatted corn and other material powder frictional, pressurized and shear between the double head spiral shaft with specific parameters and the specially slotted material cylinder, under the dual effects of pressure and temperature, to make the material powder mature, The matured material enters Class B through a guide tube that can adjust the degree of maturation. The material is compressed and recombined by a specific spiral shaft and barrel in the B-level, forming a high-density and high toughness colloidal semi transparent body. Granular instant rice products are made through a granulation device at the B-level mold outlet. This product has the characteristics of transparency, brightness, easy cooking, and resistance to cooking. The equipment has a wide range of adaptability to raw materials such as corn, buckwheat, oats, barley, sorghum, millet, red bean, mung bean, etc. Various nutritional fortification substances can be added during the production of instant rice.

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