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200-300kg/h hammer mill for grinding cereal wheat maize grain corn

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Product Introduction

200-300kg/h hammer mill for grinding cereal wheat maize grain corn

This product is a new self-priming pulverizer in 2020. It can be used for household and commercial purposes; it can be used for crushing corn, rice, wheat, beans, coffee beans and other grains and seasonings such as pepper, pepper, star anise, etc.; tooth claw type Compared with the traditional crushing machine, the crushing structure has lower noise, less wear and more durability.

Main Features

1: The elbow shown is (self-suction pipe), which is used to suck the material to be crushed when starting up. So as to achieve automatic feeding.
2: Shown is the (fan) on the back of the machine, which is used to generate wind, so that the self-suction pipe 3 can suck in materials with wind, and can blow the crushed materials in the form of dust through the wind to 3: Shown In the cyclone dust collector.
3: Shown is the (cyclone dust collector) also called (Shakelong), which uses centrifugal force to separate the materials in the dust from the air through high-speed rotation in the conical barrel, so as to achieve the effect of material collection. The top of the Shakron is the air outlet, and the bottom is the outlet.

Product Parameters

Specification For 200-300kg/h hammer mill for grinding cereal wheat maize grain corn
Production capacity
Feed size
Spindle speed
Discharge size
20-100 mesh
Application field
Food, chemical, industrial, feed, pharmaceutical
Principle of operation: Through the impact of the powder, when the material enters the crushing chamber, it is subjected to the high-strength and high-frequency impact of the crushing tooth disc. The material is quickly crushed into powder or slurry, and discharged through the discharge port under the action of centrifugal force and airflow.
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