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SPIRO PIPE SQUARE PIPE Elbow Pipe for Wheat corn milling machine

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Product Introduction

The features of the SPIRO PIPE SQUARE PIPE Elbow Pipe for Wheat corn milling machine:

1. Prefabricated prefabricated slide pipes and air net products. 2. Easy and fast installation, replacement, and use. 3. This product has a complete variety, diverse specifications, serialization, and standardization. 4. According to the actual requirements of users, stainless steel, carbon steel, and glass products can be made, paired with different colors of baking paint or spray molding, making the products more refined, beautiful, and sealed more reliable.

The process of flour milling mechinery usually consist of the following:

Our company's prefabricated slide pipes are divided into carbon steel series and stainless steel series. Mainly used for ventilation and dust removal, positive pressure and negative pressure conveying. The supplied pipe fittings include universal parts, specialized parts, and dissimilar parts, such as equipment inlet and outlet parts, collection buckets, elbows, mirrors, tees, observation holes, dampers, buckets, cyclone dischargers, collection pipes, etc. The product is welded from high-quality cold-rolled sheets, with both inner and outer painted surfaces. The appearance is exquisite, the connection is firm, the sealing performance is good, and the installation is flexible, making it easy to replace. There are two types of products available: carbon steel series and stainless steel series.

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