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Rice Milling Plant

Mini Rice Mill Plant

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Product Introduction

Rice Mill Machine Introduction
Combined rice mill is the most ideal machine to process paddy into white rice. It can produce rice 600-800kg per hour, so it’s the ideal mini complete set rice mill in the series complete set of rice processing equipment at present. All rice milling rate can reach 71%, and the processed rice is high quality. This automatic rice mill machine has features of high milling precision, compact structure and excellent output, this series of integrated rice milling unit is pretty popular in the rice processing industries.
This complete unit rice mill production line includes the automatic feeding device, the paddy cleaner, de-stoner, rice husker, paddy separator, rice whitener, rice grader, bucket elevator, electrical controller cabinet.
Combine Rice Mill Plant Structure
1. Vibrating Cleaner and De-stoner
The reciprocating separator is suitable for cleaning raw grain for the grain processing plant and grain storage. The sieve of different specifications can separate large, small, and light impurities from wheat, paddy, corn, and oil-bearing materials. It has much better especially for big impurities contained in the grain. It is also used for granule separation in the food and chemical industry.
2. Rice Husker
Rice Husker equipment is used to hulling rice husk and to separate rice husk from the mixture of paddy and brown rice. This series equipment uses gearbox to change speed, so that can greatly improve technological effects, lower consumption, and create more economic benefit. The rice huller realizes the hulling purpose through press and twist force between a pair of rubber rolls and by weight pressure. The hulled material mixture is separated into brown rice and rice husk by the air force in the separating chamber. This series huller with rolls tightening by weight uses gearbox for speed change so that the quick and slow rolls can be as to mutually alternated, the sum and difference of linear speed are relatively stable and the productivity is high.
3. Paddy Separator
Paddy separator is used for separating pure rough rice from mixtures. It has strong adaptability to seriously mixed materials. It is easy to operate and runs smoothly with high purity. It has a single arm and double arm models.
4. Rice Whitener
Rice Whitener are used for whitening brown rice and polishing white rice. Rice in different quality and whitening degree can be processed by replacing different shapes of emery rolls and adjusting the width of the huller blades and rotating speed of the rice whitener. The higher pressure of suction for milling so as to reduce the broken percentage, also can higher the precision and enhance the capacity to remove the bran.
5. Rice Grading Seive
Rice Grading Seive can shift milled rice efficiently and accurately into several classes: head rice, large broken, medium broken, small broken, and etc. We have four trays and five trays models, and blower type.

Features of Mini Complete Rice Mill Set
1. Fully automatic production line, lower energy consumption.
2. Compact structure, small volume, high output.
3. Convenient operation and maintenance, simple installation.
4. Less broken rice production, steady performance, durability.
5. Trusted & guaranteed the whole service with professional technical support before and after-sales.
6. We have rich experiences to build the complete rice mill production lines abroad successfully and received high reputation from our customers for good quality, best price as well as professional technical support.

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