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Rice processing equipment

Complete Set Combined Rice Mill Plant/Rice Milling Machine Price

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Product Introduction

Product Characteristics of Combined Rice Mill Plant/Rice Milling Machine
This Combined Rice Mill Plant/Rice Milling Machine features low noise and smooth operation. With its unique rice milling technique, each grain of rice can be evenly unshelled, whitened and polished while keeping close contact with the emery roller, producting very few broken rice grains and making higher rice milling rate. There is no rice bran powder in the finished ones. The rice surface shows rounder and brigher. Therefore, it is a kind of advanced rice processing technique.

After decades of production testing, scientific reasoning and introduction of foreign mechanical processing technique, finally we developed this high-performance and rice milling machine successfully. The appearance and structure of this equipment are well-proportioned, simple but sophisticated. It features excellent material, fine processing and well technique.

Product Parameters

Pre Cleaning 

Clean out all impurities and unqualified grains from raw paddy


Separate stones, clods from rice

Parboiling (Alternative)

Improve the nutritious quality and milling recovery percent during husking, polishing, whitening


Remove husk from rice

Husk Separation

Separate husk from brown rice/ unhulled rice

Rich Separation 

Separate the unhusked paddy from brown rice


Remove all or part of the bran layer and germ from brown rice


Improve appearance of milled rice by removing bran and by polishing kernel

Color Sorting (Alternative)

Remove foreign matter such as mould, broken rice from milled rice


Mill the pure rice

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