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Rice Milling Plant

Rice Milling plant

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Product Introduction

Rice Milling Plant Introduction
The appearance and structure of this rice milling machine are well-proportioned, simple but sophisticated. Fully automatic rice milling plant has features of high yield, no pollution, convenient operation. We can provide installation service and technical training.Complete Rice milling Plant Processing
1. Pre Clean
Clean out all impurities and unqualified grains from raw paddy
2. De-stoning
Separate stones,
3. Parboiling (Alternative)
Improve the nutritious quality & milling recovery percent during husking polishing whitening
4. Husking
Remove husk from rice
5. Husk Separation
Separate husk from brown rice/ unhulled rice
6. Rich Separation
Separate the unhusked paddy from brown rice
7. Whitening
Remove all or part of the bran layer and germ from brown rice
8. Polishing
Improve appearance of milled rice by removing bran and by polishing kernel
9. Color Sorting (Alternative)
Remove foreign matter such as mould, broken rice from milled rice
10. Milling
Mill the pure rice

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