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Who we are?

     HENAN TAIXING GRAIN AND OIL EQUIPMENT CO., LTD is a professional manufacturer of grain processing technology for wheat, maize, rice, coarse cereals processing equipment and a collection of scientific research, independent design, sales and total service. Our products with the domestically level in both quality and performance not only have a market in china, but also are exported all around the world include Asia, Europe, Africa, America, Middle East and other 50 countries and regions. Our engineers have many years experience of grain processing, as we have successfully c...


Service concept

     Quality is our life....


Product advantage

1. Professional manufacturer, CE certificate;
2. More than 20 years manufacturing experience;
3. Energy-saving, High output;
4. Engneers available to do installation, running test and personnel training;
5. high extract rate.


After-sales service

    In the sales process, attention to product the production process, in ensuring the quality of products at the same time try to shorten the production cycle, and pay attention to the product acceptance work.
Company according to the different conditions and requirements of each customer (investment scale, the condition of plant condition, material type, logistics, product formula, etc.), can according to your economic strength and development prospects of the market, at the same time according to your production site, workshop workshop, comprehensive policy dry mortar production plan, ensure that you use the least amount of investment, buy the most suitable equipment, supporting the formulation process at the lowest cost, high quality, high efficiency, high benefit,


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