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Animal Fat Oil Extraction Machine

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Product Introduction


Animal fat oil extraction equipment beef tallow bones fish oil press machine production line

Animal oil extraction plant refers to the processing of raw materials such as chicken racks, duck racks, pork, bones, beef tallow, pig meat, sheep fat. fish fat etc. into animal fat oil, which can be used as cooking oil or feed oil, and residues can be used to make animal feed.

Product Parameters

Processing raw material
animal fat/beaf tallow/pork fat/chicken racks,sheep fat and o on
Melting temperature
Melting time
Finished product
animal fat oil

The main process :

1.Animal Fat Unpack and crush the work section:
The raw materials are unpacked on the unpacking platform and conveyed by the conveyor to the crusher for comminution. The crushed particles are in the range of φ5mm-8mm or smaller(depend on raw material ),and the crushed pieces are even. Excessive or too small raw materials may cause raw slag or burnt paste.
2. Pre-dissolved balanced transport section:
After crushing, the raw materials are immersed in a preheated balance pot, heated and heated by preheating,stirring, and freezing to achieve a solid-liquid mixing state suitable for vacuum transportation, so as to achieve the process equirement of pipeline transportation; on the other hand, the preheating pot plays a whole role. The material balance of the production line.
3. Negative pressure smelting section:
The preheated pan is preheated to a solid-liquid mixed state and the raw material is vacuum-transferred to the smelting pot for heating and melting the cake. At the same time, the stirring device is turned on to make the material heated evenly without sticking the pan. This process adopts a vacuum simmering pan, which has a large heated area and is uniformly mixed. The automatic cleaning device effectively controls the raw material or burnt phenomenon.Since the raw material itself has a large moisture content, vacuum dehydration starts after the smelting temperature reaches 85 degrees Celsius, and the vacuum degree decreases as the vapor volatilization increases, and smelting is maintained during the dehydration process. Vacuum degree in the pot. In the vacuum state, the animal oil raw material entering the negative pressure reactor can quickly separate the oil, water and slag.
4. Vacuum dehydration and deodorization section:
A water jet vacuum jet pump is used to generate a negative pressure in the smelting pot. The vacuum line is equipped with a condenser, and the water molecules and odor micromolecule volatiles in the raw material are rapidly separated from the raw oil and fat in a vacuum state and flow into the tube with the vacuum flow.In the condenser, the split water molecules and odor molecules are forced to condense into distilled water collected in the liquid separation tank under the cold water circulation. Exhaust gas is activated carbon to absorb infrared electrolysis to produce oxygen emissions.Air Infrared UV Ozone Treatment System
5. Oil residue separation &press section :
The process adopts screen plate oil residue separation scraper to increase the time of separating and drying the oil
residue, effectively separating the oil residue skin oil, facilitating the pressing of the oil press, and the automatic cleaning
device solves the jam of the sieve plate, the deterioration of the oil, and separation. The oil dregs are pressed for oil

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