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Oil Making Machine

Oil Refinery Machine

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Product Introduction

Oil Refinery Equipment
Edible oil treated by refining machine has transparent color, no precipitation for a long time, no foam in the pot, little fume, which can meet the national edible oil standard and be directly filled and sold.

Oil Refining processing flow:
Crude Oil→ Filter→ Degumming→ Deacidification→ Decoloring→ Deodorizing→ Dewaxing→ Defeat→ First Grade Oil

Crude Oil VS Refined Oil

Product Parameters

We offer Oil Refinery Plant of 0.5 T/D, 1 T/D, 2 T/D, 3 T/D, 5 T/D, 10 T/D, 20 T/D, 30 T/D, 50 T/D, 100 T/D, 200 T/D Capacities.

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