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Bucket Elevator

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Product Introduction

TDTG series Bucket Elevator

TDTG series bucket elevators are used for the vertical lifting of granular materials and powders in the grain and oil, food, feed and chemical industries.
Characteristics of TDTG series Bucket Elevator
1.Safe and reliable work, simple structure. 
2.With high capacity, low backflow, low failure rate and long service life, the work efficiency is guaranteed. 
3.The powder and granular materials are universal, equipped with explosion-proof ports and anti-deviation devices.

Product Parameters

Model Capacity (t/h)
TDTG20/10 1-1.5 (Pellets)
0..6-0.8 (Powder)
TDTG20/11 2-3 (Pellets)
1-1.2 (Powder)
TDTG26/13 5-6(Pellets)
2-2.5 (Powder)
TDTG36/18 12-18 (Pellets)
4-6 (Powder)
TDTG36/23 20-25 (Pellets)
8-10 (Powder)
TDTG50/28 40-45 (Pellets)
12-15 (Powder)
TDTG60/33 50-60 (Pellets)
15-20 (Powder)


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