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Product Introduction

Taixing has 3 types of plansifters for small, medium and large capacity flour milling plant: FSFJ Single Bin Plansifter, FSFJ Double Bins Plansfter, FSFG High Square Plansifter.

FSFJ Single Bin Plansifter

Features of single bin plansifter
FSFJ Single Bin Plansifter is smaller in size, stronger in applicability and more flexible, and it is more suitable in relatively smaller workshops.

FSFJ Double Bins Plansfter

FSFJ Double Bins Plansfter is compact in structure and easy to install. It is widely used in flour, corn, feed milling and other industries.

FSFG High Square Plansifter

FSFG high square plansifter is mainly used for sieving and grading various powder and granular materials after milling (corn, wheat, etc.) processing. It is one of the main equipment in the flour industry. The screen frame and the transmission frame adopt an integral connecting plate structure, which has the characteristics of high body strength, good rigidity, and no leakage.

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