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Wheat flour Processing Equipment

10t auto wheat flour mill plant industrial flour mill grinding machines

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Product Introduction

10 ton per day wheat flour milling machine:

This plant include wheat cleaing section, milling section and packing section.
Easy operation, low power consumption.
The raw material is wheat and the final product is super fine wheat flour for making bread, cake, biscuits and so on.
Detailed Images

Wheat cleaing machine

It is multifunctional cleaning machine, can cleaing out many impurity, like: wheat straw, stone, soil particle and metallic impurities.
It is a very good machine using in the 10 ton per day wheat flour milling plant.

Wheat washing and dryer machine

To clean the wheat, move out dust or small eggs on the surface of Wheat. And drying the wheat, also regulate the moisture of Wheat to get more white wheat flour.

It is milling section, 2 sets of roller mill.

Product Parameters

10ton per day
Production Capacity
about 260
Raw material
Final products
wheat flour

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