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Maize/Corn Flour Milling Plant

20-30 T/D Maize/Corn Milling Plant

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Product Introduction

20-30 ton per day Maize Corn Milling Machine Plant
Henan Taixing Grain and Oil Equipment Co.,Ltd offers highly efficient solutions of small scale, medium scale, and large scale corn/maize flour milling plant to help farmers, businessman and investors to build their own flour milling factory businesses at the cost-effective way. We offer full services on factory layout design, equipment selection, onsite installation and commissioning, and worker training.

Product Parameters

1. Corn flour fitness : 40 -120 mesh (fitness can be adjusted)

2. Sand content : not more than 0.002 g /Kg

3.  Magnetic metal content : not more than 0.003g/kg

4.  Water :13.45-14.5%

5. Fat content : 0.5-1%

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