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Mini Rice Mill Plant

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Product Introduction

Small Rice Mill Plant Introduction
This modern rice production line consists of complete rice processing machines. It can process paddy rice into standard rice just in one process. This combined rice processing mill is suitable for small-scale rice milling processes, so it’s the most ideal rice processing machine for urban, rural, small, and medium-sized rice processing plants.
Capacity:15-30 T/D
This modern combined rice mill machine is a standard automatic rice processing machine, which includes the primary process of paddy cleaning, stone removal, rice separating, rice hulling, rice milling, etc. With one set of rice mill machines, you can get standard rice. Therefore, this type of rice milling equipment is very popular. Welcome, contact us for the details.
Small Rice Mill Plant Consist:
Combined Paddy Cleaner: removing all impurities and unfilled grains from the paddy;
Rice Hulling Machine: a rice huller or paddy husker is an agricultural machine used to automate the process of removing the chaff (the outer husks) of grains of rice;
Paddy Separator: it is mainly used for separating brown rice from paddy making use of their differences in specific gravity and friction coefficient in three parts: paddy, brown rice, and a mix of both;
Rice Milling Machine: the rice whitening machine is developed for rice whitening, which is an advanced technology of the world rice mill whitener at present to make rice temperature down, bran content less, and broken increment lower;
Broken Rice Sieve: to separate the good rice and the broken rice;
Optional Equipment:
White Rice Grader: The broken rice in the finished rice is separated to improve the quality of the finished rice
Rice Polisher: improving the appearance of milled rice by removing remaining bran particles and by polishing the exterior of the milled kernel, making the white rice smoother and brighter
Rice Color Sorter: Selecting the other colors of rice or mildew rice from white rice, to remove the bad rice, black rice, yellow rice, half-husked rice, etc.
Rice Packing Machine: Set the weight of each bag of maters for packing according to your needs and pack the white rice in the bag, preparing milled rice for transport to the customer.
If you need a complete rice mill production line, including a rice polisher, rice grader, rice color sorter, rice packing machine, etc, we also can supply you with the device and design it for you according to your needs.

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