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Maize/Corn Flour Milling Plant

Flour Roller Milling Machine

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Product Introduction

Production Capacity: 200-400 kg/h
Main Equipment: Automatic maize mill machine
The Automatic Maize Miling Machine Unit can make high quality maize (corn) maize flour. The whole unit adopts pneumatic conveying to save labor and intensity. Its compact structure and small size make it easy to install and handle. 
Our small-scale maize mill machine, is driven automatically by grinding miller machine, ensuring enhanced quality and yield of maize flour. Our machine's meticulously designed process and structure cater to the rising demand for corn products. 
This Small-scale Automatic Maize Miling Machine is ideal for budding entrepreneurs or small-scale processors seeking to make a cost-effective investment in the flour-making industry.
Working Principle of Automatic Maize Miling Machine
Maize are fed into the feeding hopper, then they are blown into the maize milling machine. After grinding, maize flour is sifted: those under the sieve will be packed, while those above the sieve will go back to the stock bin for second time grinding, cycling grinding milling until get the final maize flour.

Product Parameters

Specification Parameters of Automatic Flour Miller Machine:

Model Capacity Power Dimensions(m)
Powder mesh
TX2235 200kg/h 10.5kw 2.1*0.85*3m 20-120mesh
TX2240 300kg/h 14kw 2.1*0.9*3m 20-120mesh
TX2250 400kg/h 19kw 2.2*1*3m 20-120mesh

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