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Maize/Corn Flour Milling Plant

5-8 T/D Maize/Corn Milling Plant

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Product Introduction

5-8 ton per day Corn Flour Milling Plant
Henan Taixing Grain and Oil Equipment Co.,Ltd offers highly efficient solutions of small scale, medium scale, and large scale corn/maize flour milling plant to help farmers, businessman and investors to build their own flour milling factory businesses at the cost-effective way. We offer full services on factory layout design, equipment selection, onsite installation and commissioning, and worker training.

5-8 Ton Per Day Maize Mills are modular in design and incorporate the following feature:

  • A pre-cleaner/ destoner to pre-clean the maize by removing residual cobs, stones dusts and ferrous metals via a magnetic trap.
  • A maize huller to remove the outer husks and any material adhering to the grains. Hulling increases the quality of the product
  • A maize crusher to crush the product and prepare it for milling. The crushed product improves flow and reduces power consumption.
  • A roller mill to end-mill the final product. Depending on the capacity of machine selected, the design may incorporate two, three or more mills. The mill rollers are fabricated out of high quality steel for a long service life and fluted for a high quality product.
  • A multi-stage screen to separate the various products.
The whole maize mill system is designed to operate automatically and control is through an electrical control panel which is supplied as an integral part of the machine.

Product Parameters

Capacity: 5-8ton per day
Power: 31kw
Voltage: 380v, 50Hz
Plant size: L/W/H 8*4*3.5m
Our Services
1. Whole plant layout design.
2. Field installation, commissioning and training.
3. Supply quick-wear parts with machine when delivery.
4. Warranty: 12 months
5. After Warranty Service: Video technical support, Online support, Spare parts, Field maintenance and repair service.


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