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Wheat Flour Milling Plant

15 T/D Wheat Flour Milling Plant

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Product Introduction

15 ton per day automatic small wheat flour mill equipment plant price

The process of flour making can be roughly divided into 3 sections:

• Cleaning part
To ensure the color and quality, grains should be firstly put into certain machines like Gravity Grading De-stonner, High and
Square Shaking, Magnetic Separator, etc. to remove impurities like crushed stones and sands in it.
• Milling part
To reduce the ash content and grade the milled flour,complete the main part of flour making, equipments like: Roller mill, Lying Grinder, Purifier, Sifting machine are indispensable.
• Packing part
The packing machine can be manual as well as automatic, it can be designed as required.

Product Parameters

Equipment Name
15 ton per day small wheat flour mill equipment
15T per day
Main Cleaning Equipment
1. Combined wheat cleaning machine
2. Wheat washing and dry machine
Milling Equipment
1.Roller Mill
2. sieves
3. High pressure fan
Products and extraction rate(%)
wheat flour ≥75%, Wheat bran ≤25%

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