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Cleaning requirements for the production workshop of corn processing machinery

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Cleaning requirements for the production workshop of corn processing machinery
In order to ensure the sanitation and safety of the finished corn processing machinery and ensure our daily food safety, the staff need to do a good job in cleaning up the production workshop to prevent impurities from being mixed into the processing materials. But how should the specific corn processing machinery production workshop be cleaned? do you have any requests?

1. Pay attention to the frequency of cleaning
Presumably everyone has such doubts, how often does it make more sense for corn processing machinery to be cleaned. There are different opinions on this issue. Some people think that cleaning once a week or two is enough, and cleaning too much is not good for equipment. Others believe that cleaning every day to ensure the effect of equipment has its own reasons.
2. Can't ignore the corners
After all, corn processing machinery is composed of many parts, so there will be many corners, they are distributed in various places, and they will inevitably be ignored when cleaning, so operators need to pay attention. Otherwise, a lot of dirt will remain in the long run, which will affect the quality of processed corn flour.
3. Internal cleaning
You must know that many times, due to various forces, some impurities may also remain inside the corn processing machinery, such as impurities in the processed raw grains, dust after the material is crushed, etc. These are difficult to find, so it is necessary to operate Personnel pay attention when cleaning.

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